Starting from the breath as a revolutionary act, (the same breath that in this last year and half of delirium, has been heavily denied, reduced by fear, by concrete and symbolic gags, by the denial of the most basic freedom of movement, to be outdoors, to enjoy the sun and oxygen and the joy of the body).
I will work outdoors… we will open the body to the connection with the elements, breathing together with the environment, finding a wild, free, joyful body, ready to enjoyment, all senses awakened, the energetic vibration high and luminous.

A body/soul/spirit liberated and connected, open to relationship with itself, with others, with natural elements, with architecture, with objects.


Julia & Delta

Conscious kink with the victims and perpetrators in us. A pleasure game about actions, communication and responsibility.

– Conscious and playful confrontation with one’s own values, fears and the pleasure of being a perpetrator and a victim.
– Detachment from the moral evaluation and classification “perpetrator=bad” and “victim=good”.
– Getting involved in the conditional structure of “perpetrator” – “victim” in a playful framework.
– Foundation for conscious kink play around power and powerlessness: experiencing honest communication and taking on mutual responsibility.

Reflection on the theme of victim-perpetrator:
– most of us remember ourselves as children in cops and robbers-like play situations. How we negotiated rules of the game, spinning fantasies with each other, forging complicity, tickling nerves, exploring power and pain, struggling for closeness and distance. Hunting, fleeing, capturing, escaping in an endless loop… 
I myself remember the deep satisfaction of being part of this framework: To be a member of this community – no matter whether as victim or perpetrator – was the main thing.

– Victims and perpetrators represent evaluations. That is human. As adults, we are responsible for what we do. We create moral pigeonholes for ourselves – they give us orientation in complex social structures. Victims and perpetrators are the necessary cast of characters so that the rules we set up for getting along with each other become tangible. They form the two extreme poles of a field of tension between “good” and “bad”, “conforming to the rules” and “breaking the rules”. Between sacrificial lambs, scapegoats and black sheep, I can place myself, feel myself in all the boundaries that surround me.

– But this juxtaposition is unreliably simplistic. Victims and perpetrators are not incompatible. No perpetrator without a victim, no victim without a perpetrator. The two are mutually dependent, must engage with each other. They enter into a (potentially extremely intense) relation. A human being in all his or her actions constantly moves in this energy field between “morally correct – reprehensible”, “active – passive”, “power – powerlessness”.
Detaching from the labelling of “guilt – innocence” towards mutual acceptance of responsibility does justice to the fact:

– What makes us want to explore the energy field “perpetrator-victim”? Where do seemingly crass, horny fantasies around power and powerlessness, control and loss of control come from?
– We are hunters and collectors. Dying and letting die is a primal motive that leaves no one cold. In the world of animals we speak of the predator-prey relationship. One organism uses another to feed itself. Hunting and being hunted/killed always go along with each other, by nature. This is how complex systems normally stay in a vivid balance.
-We are social beings. We are calibrated for communication and confrontation with our peers. We rub up against each other, arrange ourselves in power hierarchies. “Fight or flight”: that’s what we instinctively do. Even if we do it at the expense of our counterpart: we have a deep need for closeness, for “belonging”. Alone we cannot survive. Alone we cannot develop to what is inside us.

– Conscious kink makes it possible to “do” something to each other in freedom and mutual respect. Without coercion or violence.
With trust and communication. In consent and mutual acceptance of responsibility.

-This happens when I honestly communicate what I want to do as a perpetrator or what I want to let happen to me as a victim.
When I engage in honest, empathic complicity and respect the mutually set rules, then I am never completely at someone’s mercy. Neither as the more active nor as a more passive part.

– In this workshop we will explore victim-perpetrator constellations in a 1:1 setting as well as in the dynamics of the whole group. 
Classic scenarios will come into play (e.g. “the wolf in sheep’s clothing”, “the confrontation”, “the kidnapping”, “the trap”, “the breakout”), but also a lot of freedom to experiment with one’s own ideas about the game of control and loss of control.



We do care about consent but do we consent on the politics of care?
This won’t be just another workshop on consent; no traffic lights, no no negotiations, no education on respecting boundaries.
We offer an experimental and reflective space within which we’ll play with
moments of misuse and power clashes tight to different practices of caretaking.
The ethics of care ideally are a matter of support, empathy and responsibility leading to an empowered state. In this theoretical and practical sexploration we will dive into the complexity and failures of care work.
Let’s bring the demons of care-systems to the fore and consciously fuck them up. Will you step in the role of a strict teacher, an abusive auntie, a submissive
kitchen bitch or show your mechanical expertise on drilling?
We ask you to commit to an intellectual debate as well as to selfcare and respect of your limits.


–Apart from the giants of the Diet Industry–
Who says that beauty belongs only to thin, young and toned people? Beauty standards are the parameters by which society measures our attraction performance. Instruments designed by the gaze that has held the power throughout history: that of the heterosexual white male.
But what happens if the stringent rules are rejected in favor of a respectful relationship with one’s body?
This workshop wants to activate a sincere and courageous narration that puts our rebellious and rude bodies at the center; the anger that causes the stigma and satisfaction one feels when one emancipates oneself or takes revenge; the wins and the failures, the orgasms and the rejections.
So let’s take up our feathered arms, and let’s build together a new concept of erotic beauty: far from censoring measures and gazes, very close to the concept of attraction, amazement and danger.

Beauty is a sea at sunset, it is a blooming flower … but it is also a burning prison!


If we consider porn to be a genre for adult entertainment we pretty much lack a definition of what is ‘ethical’ or even what ‘good pornography’ is.
‘Ethical’ would be better defined by the process behind the creation of a movie rather than by its content, making sure that the performers can work in a safe and joyful environment. Pornography is a performance and if put in a proper context, viewers can see it for what it is. The pornography that I like allow us to explore a sexual imagery that transcends the industry’s dictates and its heteronormative narratives, and where cinematic values and the diversity of pleasure can be expressed.
After having experienced film productions that embrace an ‘ethical’ approach to pornography, I started to reflect on what I learnt on set about consent, fantasy, power, and intimacy; and how to develop it into ‘good practices’ for performers and directors.
In the safe space of this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to share and confront different experiences of intimacy, power dynamics and sexual identities, whilst playfully exploring sexual fantasies.

Some scenarios scare us; others make us feel powerful.

We can find subversive ways of staging them collectively, moving beyond predominantly white male-oriented traditional porn narrative.
Let’s connect and play by sinking into our senses and creativity and
bringing to life the porn act of our dreams.

The workshop is divided into two parts, each of which can be
followed independently.



In the first part (90′) we’ll practice body movement, breath,sensual embodiment and BDSM play, and we’ll open a conversation about our sexual fantasies, connecting with the others and meeting each other with curiosity and respect.We’ll create a safe space in which we can slow down, relax, and open up to our emotions and senses in a creative framework. In this first part of the workshop, we’ll primarily experience bodywork, although some of the exercises might involve touch and sensual exploration.

Pic from:
“We are the fucking world“ by Olympe de G (Erika Lust productins/XConfession)


In the second part we’ll explore our fantasies in-depth and bring them to life in a playful and safe space. Through the ‘alphabet of porn,’ we’ll reflect on the categories and clichès of traditional porn and we’ll work together to put new and subversive narratives in action. We’ll set up different porn scenarios leading to a choral (and sexually explicit) tableau vivant that will be captured on one polaroid photo (subject to the participants’ consent). No other filming will be allowed, in order to respect the participants’ privacy.


In this part of the workshop, sex may be involved, but you are free to leave the group and the space at any moment and for as long as you you need it.
You may also chat with me or my collaborator at any point in the activity.


Comfortable clothes
Water bottle
A blanket/towel
Your sex toys
Notebook and pen
Costumes, lingerie, masks, toys, make-up, any prop turns your fantasy on (specifically for the second part)


Image: Thomas Couture,
los Romanos de la Decadencia (Museo de Orsay, 1847)


Playing with love and demons, introduction to kinky lomi massage

We will take you to the world of Hawaiian massage in all its dimensions.
In the past year we have all left established paths, at least many of us have.
Touch and intimacy have become more and more longing for desire.
Old feelings are still stuck in the body. How do we meet each other in a new way? In the sphere of “pleasure and play, trust and belonging” we want to create space for the release of retained emotions.
How liberating this can be! To feel again the body in its entirety, its aliveness and intensity. Your own heart. Connectedness.
Control can turn into surrender, fear can dissolve into trust.
New spaces of experience open up. We play with the moment, rest in it and enjoy its preciousness. Our map is body & soul.
Our tools are courage and intuition.

If the demons, such as anger and sadness, dare to come out, we are prepared for it to face them with curiosity and the necessary respect.
We will give you impulses how you can find a YES in yourself towards your power and passion for intimacy and devotion. Come with us on the path of joy and lively desire! You choose the intensity of your experience.

You are welcome to join us if you like to explore in a creative and intuitive way, express yourself through your body and are confident in communicating and respecting the needs and boundaries of yourself and others.

Minimalistic Shadow Connection

People think that sadism and masochism are violent and impulsive erotic practices. Not at all ! Listening and taking care to yourself and to your partner are the base of an SM relationship, as clear agreements.

To make a parallel with Diane Richarson’ slow sex techniques, we will make some practical exercises with slowness and precision in order to develop sensibility and intensity. This way to proceed, minimal and demanding, will help to deal with an exquisite suffering and a generous sadism for a short trustful moment, between taking care and letting go.

Top and bottom position will be both experimented. Personal limits are fully respected. This workshop is for beginners as well as advanced people.

Pic by Bergamoteartwork.


The last year was very hard for our bodies and minds, I personally went trough a long process to understand what was happening and accept that maybe for the next few years our conception of bodies and relationships will be shifted in something completely new. I spent the whole year in another continent, very far away from my lover, partners and social word.
So I got the idea of a possible way to keep connection trough an imaginary contact, guided by the desire and exploring all possibility with the distance.
This workshop is about the power of the mind, and how to create sensations trough shared imagination. The participants will be invited to experiment different possibilities of connection trough movement and breath exercises, sounds and voice. We will co-create, share our intimacy and dreams in a safe space, supporting our bodies with the power of our minds, and hopefully reaching collective healing. I’ll use different techniques as meditation, new tantra, “body mind centering“ and more…

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