If we consider porn to be a genre for adult entertainment we pretty much lack a definition of what is ‘ethical’ or even what ‘good pornography’ is.
‘Ethical’ would be better defined by the process behind the creation of a movie rather than by its content, making sure that the performers can work in a safe and joyful environment. Pornography is a performance and if put in a proper context, viewers can see it for what it is. The pornography that I like allow us to explore a sexual imagery that transcends the industry’s dictates and its heteronormative narratives, and where cinematic values and the diversity of pleasure can be expressed.
After having experienced film productions that embrace an ‘ethical’ approach to pornography, I started to reflect on what I learnt on set about consent, fantasy, power, and intimacy; and how to develop it into ‘good practices’ for performers and directors.
In the safe space of this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to share and confront different experiences of intimacy, power dynamics and sexual identities, whilst playfully exploring sexual fantasies.

Some scenarios scare us; others make us feel powerful.

We can find subversive ways of staging them collectively, moving beyond predominantly white male-oriented traditional porn narrative.
Let’s connect and play by sinking into our senses and creativity and
bringing to life the porn act of our dreams.

The workshop is divided into two parts, each of which can be
followed independently.



In the first part (90′) we’ll practice body movement, breath,sensual embodiment and BDSM play, and we’ll open a conversation about our sexual fantasies, connecting with the others and meeting each other with curiosity and respect.We’ll create a safe space in which we can slow down, relax, and open up to our emotions and senses in a creative framework. In this first part of the workshop, we’ll primarily experience bodywork, although some of the exercises might involve touch and sensual exploration.

Pic from:
“We are the fucking world“ by Olympe de G (Erika Lust productins/XConfession)


In the second part we’ll explore our fantasies in-depth and bring them to life in a playful and safe space. Through the ‘alphabet of porn,’ we’ll reflect on the categories and clichès of traditional porn and we’ll work together to put new and subversive narratives in action. We’ll set up different porn scenarios leading to a choral (and sexually explicit) tableau vivant that will be captured on one polaroid photo (subject to the participants’ consent). No other filming will be allowed, in order to respect the participants’ privacy.


In this part of the workshop, sex may be involved, but you are free to leave the group and the space at any moment and for as long as you you need it.
You may also chat with me or my collaborator at any point in the activity.


Comfortable clothes
Water bottle
A blanket/towel
Your sex toys
Notebook and pen
Costumes, lingerie, masks, toys, make-up, any prop turns your fantasy on (specifically for the second part)


Image: Thomas Couture,
los Romanos de la Decadencia (Museo de Orsay, 1847)

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