Covid-19 Guideline

Concerning regulation to entry Italy from a foreigner country, please check on internet.
At the present time (August 2021) and until new dispositions will be announced to enter Italy is necessary to compile this form :  
Passenger Locator Form (dPLF)
More information :
And on : Italian ministry of health

Dear festival visitors* and people who take into consideration to book a ticket.

Over the past months we have been watching very closely how the situation regarding the Corona pandemic is developing. And of course also how the legal regulations are changing accordingly.

At xplore 2021 we will follow all legal regulations.

  • Xplore Roma will take place with fewer participants than all previous Xplores. We will have a maximum of 100 people at the venue.
  • Many workshops will take place outside to achieve more distance and better ventilation
  • The dormitories will be ventilated
  • We adapt our workshop offer to the legal requirements, which will be clearly defined and communicated a few days before the event starts.

E-mail address registration

  • At the registration we collect your e-mail address to inform you in case the illness of a guest should become known later.
    In this case we will forward the addresses to the responsible health authority. Otherwise they will be deleted after 4 weeks. Under no circumstances will we give or sell them to someone else.
  • To speed up the collection of addresses, we have set up an e-mail address where anyone can send an e-mail upon arrival. We verify this by sending an automatic reply from our computer with information about Corona. We also ask you to write to the same address in case you are confirmed to have a Corona infection afterwards.
  • This information is very important for us! So every participant and helper can decide for himself/herself if he/she/they want(s) to do a test for security reasons, if they had a closer contact.
  • Approximately one week before the Xplore you will be given the opportunity to pre-register. Please use this possibility, as the internet connection is very slow at Borgo Paola. Every guest must be registered with an own email address.

Pre-event testing

  • All guests coming from a village, small town, state or other European country with a high infection rate – are only allowed to enter the Xplore area if they have already done a test & are sure that they are not a carrier. At this point we appeal to the honesty of every single person!
  • Participants with symptoms of a cold or respiratory infection are excluded from the event.
  • Participants coming from countries outside the European Community or declared high risk areas within Europe are excluded from the event, unless you can prove with a current test (not older than 3 days) that you are not infected by the SARS-CoV-2 Virus.

These are the measures for now from our side.
But much more important is the personal responsibility of the participants.

YOU want to stay healthy? Then do something for it!

  • Most important rule:
    Think first, then act.
    Especially in a sensual, open environment, such as Xplore offers, you are sometimes literally “washed away”. Take some time out to make yourself aware of what you want and what you don’t want.
  • Before you fall below the prescribed distance to others, ask your counterpart if it is o.k. for him/her/them. You may be relaxed about it, but others may feel stressed while anyone around them gets too close.
  • Close physical contact is officially only allowed with your partner(s). We would like to encourage you to form a LOVE Cluster. Find up to 7 other people with whom you would like to act exclusively in close contact during the whole xplore.
    Make a ritual out of it, find your tribe.
  • Observe the usual hygiene instructions. WASH YOUR HANDS!
    Having your own hand disinfection with you is mandatory!
    Always have a towel/blanket with you to put underneath.
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