–Apart from the giants of the Diet Industry–
Who says that beauty belongs only to thin, young and toned people? Beauty standards are the parameters by which society measures our attraction performance. Instruments designed by the gaze that has held the power throughout history: that of the heterosexual white male.
But what happens if the stringent rules are rejected in favor of a respectful relationship with one’s body?
This workshop wants to activate a sincere and courageous narration that puts our rebellious and rude bodies at the center; the anger that causes the stigma and satisfaction one feels when one emancipates oneself or takes revenge; the wins and the failures, the orgasms and the rejections.
So let’s take up our feathered arms, and let’s build together a new concept of erotic beauty: far from censoring measures and gazes, very close to the concept of attraction, amazement and danger.

Beauty is a sea at sunset, it is a blooming flower … but it is also a burning prison!

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