The last year was very hard for our bodies and minds, I personally went trough a long process to understand what was happening and accept that maybe for the next few years our conception of bodies and relationships will be shifted in something completely new. I spent the whole year in another continent, very far away from my lover, partners and social word.
So I got the idea of a possible way to keep connection trough an imaginary contact, guided by the desire and exploring all possibility with the distance.
This workshop is about the power of the mind, and how to create sensations trough shared imagination. The participants will be invited to experiment different possibilities of connection trough movement and breath exercises, sounds and voice. We will co-create, share our intimacy and dreams in a safe space, supporting our bodies with the power of our minds, and hopefully reaching collective healing. I’ll use different techniques as meditation, new tantra, “body mind centering“ and more…

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