Roots of Pleasure

ROOTS OF PLEASURE  by Francesca d’Onofrio 

Childhood sexuality is often a denied, misunderstood, censored sexuality. But it is in early childhood that the construction of our sexual personality and fantasies begins. What I propose is a game of regression. Playing together we will go back to our earliest years to get in touch with experiences, sensations and fantasies far away in time and buried in our memory. 

Through a path of identification and some physical, aesthetic and sound suggestions, we will try to reconnect with the sensations and memories of our primordial sexuality, in search of the roots of our erotic imagination.

Plaesure Training

PLEASURE TRAINING by Francesca d’Onofrio 

Pleasure training is a laboratory of knowledge, contact and happiness of the erogenous zones. The mind is our primary erogenous zone, and the skin is our largest erogenous zone. We generally know our erogenous zones to some extent, and once we have identified what “works” best for our pleasure, most of us tend to reduce our exploration and experimentation.
The workshop aims to explore and stimulate known and unknown erogenous zones; experiment with different types of stimulation; enrich the panorama of everyone’s sensitivity; generate immediate well-being.
The activities that we will do together can be configured as a real training in pleasure, a practice of exploration, discovery and care in which the mind and senses are jointly involved. Dedicating oneself to one’s own pleasure is in fact a daily practice that offers immediate and long-term benefits.
Practicing pleasure not only allows us to enjoy sexual activity to the fullest but also produces daily well-being for our entire organism.


the Miracle whip

THE MIRACLE WIP – ecstatic impact play –

by Delta & Julia 

What is the miracle behind a whipping, any impact play? Tender loving care! Essential to flow into ecstasy: being completely connected to the here and now, to myself and my surrounding – and surrender. We will use the whip to create this dense connection. Dance with it, weave a story, unravel it. Transform touch and pain by gettingcatharsis and pure pleasure. An intensive journey, recommended for whipping-experienced! Dynamic between both partners in time, rhythm, space and focused inner connectivity.

Please bring your own whip and/or flogger

Petite mort


by Delta & Julia 

Giving in yourself: connect to your innermost being. Experience your counterpart in pure devotion. Spill over!

Your body uses orgasms as an outlet and mouthpiece to express precisely this connection. The seam between the pleasure of the here and now (la joie de vivre) and the letting go of all boundaries (la petite mort).

 This is about being absorbed in the beauty of this connection. Sharing the energy that comes from it.

 We want to dive into the depths. We donate time and attention to each other. In a safe space. That wants to be explored and played with!



Face and Mouth massage


Face and mouth: our extremely sensitive, powerful communicators between the inner and outer world and our fascinating facade. Be invited to Xplore backstage and mutually experience trust, ease and energy. 

Please bring a towel, willingly short fingernails.

anal massage

ANAL MASSAGE by Jeremy Shub 

A workshop for all, everyone has a butt.
Butt massage and pleasure exploration. Join Jeremy, an experienced Sexological Bodyworker to learn about anatomy, touch, relaxing and pleasure. We will safely and gently touch ourselves or work in pairs to experience this sensation rich area. We will be focusing on taking out the shame and stigma of the ass. And adding joy, celebration and love.


Queer Flirting

QUEER FLIRTING by Jeremy Shub 

How to flirt for all genders and bodies LGBTIQA+. Exercises and conversations to help people understand making flirty contact. Including body language, eye contact, words and gestures. Repeated experiences of practice. This will be a playful, safe and sexy workshop. Everyone is welcome – queerish, super queer, just queer, wigglish queer, novice flirts, black belt flirt, anyone that wants to flirt, learn and connect.

Mouth Pleasure

MOUTH PLEASURE  by Dunbear Beardsley

The mouth as erogenous zone.
Everyone has a mouth!
The mouth is a wonderful erogenous zone, though is often overlooked as a source of sexual pleasure in itself.  We use it for oral sex, but more often as a giving instead of receiving organ. Here we focus on the mouth as a vehicle for receiving pleasure.  We will play with mouths, and practice techniques for giving pleasure through the oral cavity.  



Erotic Presence

EROTIC PRESENCE  by Dunbear Beardsley

It is quite difficult to know what is going on in the head or body of another during a sexual interaction.  
Words come with extra weight, and our vocabularies are not well developed to understand another’s erotic experience. Thus most understanding comes after the fact, if at all, and thus the ability to act on them within the moment is gone.  
To go deeper into play, and bring play in new directions, it is advantageous to investigate and explore another person’s experience within a given sexual interaction.  
In this workshop, we will explore and share our experiences during erotic exchanges, by slowing down, finding our words, and stripping away any narrative that may exist either consciously or subconsciously.
We will practice exploring and enquiring into each other’s erotic experiences, and through this find deeper and more interesting avenues of play. 


integrating pleasure


I have created music to integrate by dancing, the body’s organs, functions, psyche, and the free expression of sexuality.

We explore these elements together using music and movement, playing, finding pleasure, joy, self-healing, embracing every part of us, expanding our boundaries. 

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