Francesca d’Onofrio

I’m a psychologist and family psychotherapist, but my main business is talking about sex. I think pleasure is a vital drive that needs to be respected, expressed, and treated with care. I think that talking about sex is something natural and disruptive at the same time. That it can be liberating.
That’s why I talk about sex in all the contexts in which I have the opportunity, in doctors’ offices and pubs, in social centers and private clubs. I write about sex, I organize sex workshops, I do sex counseling. In short, I try to “instigate” as much as possible to talk, play, experiment, explore in order to enjoy one’s sexuality to the fullest. I have recently published a children’s book entitled “What is sex?”, written with Silvio Montanaro and the illustrator Luisa Montalto (2022-Momo Edizioni).


Roots of Pleasure // Pleasure Training

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