PLEASURE TRAINING by Francesca d’Onofrio 

Pleasure training is a laboratory of knowledge, contact and happiness of the erogenous zones. The mind is our primary erogenous zone, and the skin is our largest erogenous zone. We generally know our erogenous zones to some extent, and once we have identified what “works” best for our pleasure, most of us tend to reduce our exploration and experimentation.
The workshop aims to explore and stimulate known and unknown erogenous zones; experiment with different types of stimulation; enrich the panorama of everyone’s sensitivity; generate immediate well-being.
The activities that we will do together can be configured as a real training in pleasure, a practice of exploration, discovery and care in which the mind and senses are jointly involved. Dedicating oneself to one’s own pleasure is in fact a daily practice that offers immediate and long-term benefits.
Practicing pleasure not only allows us to enjoy sexual activity to the fullest but also produces daily well-being for our entire organism.


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