Lidia Ravviso 
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Photo: From ‘We are the fucking world’ by Olympe de G (Erika Lust productions/XConfessions)

If we consider porn to be a genre for adult entertainment we pretty much lack a definition of what is ‘ethical’ or even what ‘good pornography’ is.
‘Ethical’ would be better defined by the process behind the creation of a movie rather than by its content, making sure that the performers can work in a safe and respectful environment.
Pornography is a performance and if put in a proper context, viewers can see it for what it is.
The pornography that I like is a place where we can explore sexual imagery that transcends the mainstream industry’s dictates and heteronormative narratives, and where cinematic values and the diversity of pleasure – and its representation – can be expressed.
After having experienced film productions that embrace an ‘ethical’ approach to pornography, I started to reflect on what I learnt on set about consent, fantasy, power, and intimacy; on how to develop it into ‘good practices’ for performers and directors, and make it an accessible and empowering tool for everyone.
In the safe space of this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to share and confront different experiences of intimacy, power dynamics and sexual identities, whilst playfully exploring sexual fantasies.
Some scenarios scare us; others make us feel powerful. We can find subversive ways of staging them collectively, moving beyond predominantly white male-oriented traditional porn narrative.
Let’s connect and play by sinking into our senses and creativity and bringing to life the porn act of our dreams.
The workshop is divided into two parts, each of which can be followed independently.

In the first part we’ll practice movement, breath, sensual embodiment and BDSM play, and we’ll open a conversation about our sexual fantasies, connecting with the others and meeting each other with curiosity and respect.
We’ll create a safe space in which we can slow down, relax, and open up to our emotions and senses in a creative framework.
In this first part of the workshop, we’ll primarily experience bodywork, although some of the exercises might involve touch and sensual exploration.

· Comfortable clothes
· Water bottle
· A blanket/towel
· Your sex toys
· Notebook and pen
· Costumes, lingerie, masks, toys, make-up, any prop turns your fantasy on (specifically for the second part)


Lidia Ravviso
English with translation

Thomas Couture – Los Romanos de la Decadencia (Museo de Orsay, 1847)

In the second part (90′) we’ll explore our fantasies in-depth and bring them to life with others in a playful and safe space.
Through the ‘alphabet of porn,’ we’ll reflect on the categories and clichès of traditional porn and we’ll work together to put new and subversive narratives in action.
We’ll set up different porn scenarios leading to a choral (and sexually explicit) tableau vivant that will be captured on one polaroid photo (subject to the participants’ consent).
No other filming will be allowed, in order to respect the participants’ privacy.
In this part of the workshop, sex may be involved, but you are free to leave the group and the space at any moment and for as long as you you need it.
You may also chat with me or my collaborator at any point in the activity.

· Comfortable clothes
· Water bottle
· A blanket/towel
· Your sex toys
· Notebook and pen
· Costumes, lingerie, masks, toys, make-up, any prop turns your fantasy on (specifically for the second part)


Marie L’Albatrice 

Photo: O. Theloos

Tickling is a powerful unknown torture : Joyful at the beginning, it can become pain after one minute. 
And if you mix tickling with genital masturbations, what is going on? 
This is what we will explore together but it will be challenging because we use the compétition frame :
– We will explore “nature” tickling, only hands, in order to discover our tickling points
– Then we will use powerful tickling tools : oil, blindmask, toothbrush, comb ….
– With the last tour, we will add genital masturbation for those who wants to.



Sex Magic Ritual for Manifestation is a intentional and devotional act of deep connection with ourselves, our partner(s) and the Universe.
We use the tantric practices of visualization and sublimation to redirect sexual energy intentional towards a goal and learn how to use sexual energy to manifest that AKA tantric white sex magic.

In this ritual we guide participants to formulate their goal(s) and write it down in a meditation. Goals can be a home, a job, financial abundance, a life partner, a dream travel….anything we want to invite in our life. We will use visualisation and the power of thoughts with strong focus on the positive emotions that having this desire already achieved will bring to us.

Secondly, we will start with breathing and stimulation of our sexual energy. This can be done in self-pleasure, as a couple or in a group. From an aroused state we will redirect sexual energy through intentional breath into our chakras. Breathing orgasmically for 7 minutes into each chakra starting from the root. Eventually after 45 minutes of breath work, we mutually gather all the energy and send it into our goals and all those to the Universal Consciousness for manifestation.


Ambrita Sunshine

Feeling the possibilities of the space and the movement into the hips.
Bring the sexual energy up from the pelvis, to the spine and release into the sky.
Release the muscles, the skin, leave the control. Just listen what happen into your body and your imagination if you leave the control and feel the emotions coming trough your body and mind.
We will explore the possibilities of the hips, pelvis and ass, including the twerking.
To explore our body became free of control and open to the desires and emotions.
We will play alone, in couples and in groups.. creating funny and deep experience.. we will support each other and sharing our desires during this experience.
The hips and pelvis are very important to exploring the capacity of feel the desire, create an imaginary and release the tension. More we are available to make free this part and play with that, more we can feel free to be everything we want and dream.
We will use different techniques of release, stretching and dance, to make our bodies available for this experience.
Then we will play with the desires who will coming up, using the music from ancestral percussions who will shake more our first and second chakras.


English with translation

Emotion play is a group exercise to experiment with a chosen emotion that kink can bring up like shame, fear, joy, sadness, love or anger.
After some warming up dance and introduction to the landscape of emotion (theory and meditation) the group will be divided into subgroups of 3-4 people.
In this setting each participant can tune into the emotion they want to sexperiment with and share desires, fears and boundaries around that emotion with the others. The group will design a scene to trigger this requested emotional state for each participant and consensually play out on it on the level of the mind, energetical and physical body.
After each play each person has some time to share the experience and then move on to the next person in the subgroup.


Ambrita Sunshine

A Ritual to release our dreams, our desires and create a connection with the earth and nature.
We will dance, we will shake our bodies, we will dream together, we will dance and feel the amazing energy of the nature and freedom.
Trough a few exercises, we will connect our bodies and souls with mother nature.
It will be a cathartic experience, feel the energy, the love and sexual energy, flowing in this sacred space.


Marie L’Albatrice

People think that sadism and masochism are violent and impulse erotic practices. Not at all ! Listening and taking care to yourself and to the partner are the basis, of course with a clear agreement. To make a parallel with Diane Richarson’ slow sex techniques, we will make some practical exercices with slowness and precision in order to developp our sensibility and intensity. This way to proceed, minimal and demanding, will help to deal with an exquisite suffering and a generous sadism for a short trustfull moment, between taking care and letting go. Personal limits are fully respected, this workshop concern beginners as well as experimented persons.

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