Ambrita Sunshine

Ambrita is an artist and performer, active in the Queer and Trans-Feminist scene on both Italian and foreign scene.
Trained in a multidisciplinary way, she has her roots in dance and choreography and over the years has created a fusion between various disciplines that she loves and has practiced for a long time, including BDSM, sexual energy awakening practices, dance, use of sound and voice.
In recent years she has dedicated herself to a research about the use of movement in West Africa, specifically in ritual dances.
Often ironic and irreverent, her goal is to bring the audience into her crazy dream world.
She graduated at the DAMS of Bologna, then continued her journey through formations and experiences. In 2014 she obtained a specialization as a theatrical choreographer and in 2017 she completed her second post-graduate Master in Traditional and Ritual Dances in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
She is currently carrying her project around Italy and abroad – called “The body and the sacred feminine energy”, it’s a path to regain awareness of the body and the feminine energy through traditional West African Ritual Dances, getting rid of all the schemes and preconceptions of this excessively consumerist society.
Her attention has always been on the body, this beautiful and complex machine we are endowed with.
She studied dance since childhood, but also singing and acting, all instruments that now she employs through the paths she creates and leads.
The liberation of emotions, feelings and desires is a fundamental part of centering and rebalancing body and mind. By combining all these paths into sexuality, one can serenely obtain an awareness of who we are and what we want or need, which is why Ambrita considers the Positive Sexual Paths fundamental for every human being: awareness is the basis of everything, awareness allows us to listen to ourselves and choose.



Ambrita Sunshine

Feeling the possibilities of the space and the movement into the hips.
Bring the sexual energy up from the pelvis, to the spine and release into the sky.
Release the muscles, the skin, leave the control. Just listen what happen into your body and your imagination if you leave the control and feel the emotions coming trough your body and mind.
We will explore the possibilities of the hips, pelvis and ass, including the twerking.
To explore our body became free of control and open to the desires and emotions.
We will play alone, in couples and in groups.. creating funny and deep experience.. we will support each other and sharing our desires during this experience.
The hips and pelvis are very important to exploring the capacity of feel the desire, create an imaginary and release the tension. More we are available to make free this part and play with that, more we can feel free to be everything we want and dream.
We will use different techniques of release, stretching and dance, to make our bodies available for this experience.
Then we will play with the desires who will coming up, using the music from ancestral percussions who will shake more our first and second chakras.


Ambrita Sunshine

A Ritual to release our dreams, our desires and create a connection with the earth and nature.
We will dance, we will shake our bodies, we will dream together, we will dance and feel the amazing energy of the nature and freedom.
Trough a few exercises, we will connect our bodies and souls with mother nature.
It will be a cathartic experience, feel the energy, the love and sexual energy, flowing in this sacred space.

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