Ariane and Beatriz are the co-creatresses of BliXX.

BliXX mission is to create spaces where conscious sexuality becomes a vehicle for personal development. Their spaces create a safe field for exploration of the “light” and “darkness” of human consciousness in order to become whole beings.
In their signature workshops they bridge two arts of erotic consciousness, NeoTantra and BDSM, with the intention of enhancing deep intimacy which bring humans a step closer to their own truth.
Their vision is to see a world of empowered beings. Our BliXXstars know themselves deeply enough to know what they want or don´t want, have the courage to speak their truth and respectfully relate with each other from a place of fullness, sharing genuine feelings and connections.
BliXX is hosting workshops, journeys and retreats for singles and couples in Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona.

Beatriz AKA QueenB is a Yoga Teacher, a Breath Rebirthing Facilitator, an Economist, a Digital Nomad and a Serial Entrepreneur. She is exploring personal growth through relationships, business, travels, dance, yoga, psychedelics, breathing, classic tantra and different expressions of conscious sexuality. She doesn’t believe in dogmas or in a predefined path to enlightenment.

Ariane AKA PriestessA is a Dakini, Rebalancing Healing Practitioner, Yogini, Alternative Business Consultant and Soul Traveler. She specializes and evolves the field of Conscious Kink Healing, offering sensational xperiences for singles and couples worldwide. She embodies an orgasmic being and teaches inner engineering of body, mind and soul through cultivating love and awareness.

Beatriz & Ariane together accumulate almost 20 years of experience on the path of self-development and spirituality. Their strong background in spirit science, economics, online business & management coupled with their respective experiences in corporate life as high-performers in leading international companies in Dubai and Singapore have equipped them with an extraordinary balance of magic and pragmatism.







Sex Magic Ritual for Manifestation is a intentional and devotional act of deep connection with ourselves, our partner(s) and the Universe.
We use the tantric practices of visualization and sublimation to redirect sexual energy intentional towards a goal and learn how to use sexual energy to manifest that AKA tantric white sex magic.

In this ritual we guide participants to formulate their goal(s) and write it down in a meditation. Goals can be a home, a job, financial abundance, a life partner, a dream travel....anything we want to invite in our life. We will use visualisation and the power of thoughts with strong focus on the positive emotions that having this desire already achieved will bring to us.

Secondly, we will start with breathing and stimulation of our sexual energy. This can be done in self-pleasure, as a couple or in a group. From an aroused state we will redirect sexual energy through intentional breath into our chakras. Breathing orgasmically for 7 minutes into each chakra starting from the root. Eventually after 45 minutes of breath work, we mutually gather all the energy and send it into our goals and all those to the Universal Consciousness for manifestation.


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Emotion play is a group exercise to experiment with a chosen emotion that kink can bring up like shame, fear, joy, sadness, love or anger.
After some warming up dance and introduction to the landscape of emotion (theory and meditation) the group will be divided into subgroups of 3-4 people.
In this setting each participant can tune into the emotion they want to sexperiment with and share desires, fears and boundaries around that emotion with the others. The group will design a scene to trigger this requested emotional state for each participant and consensually play out on it on the level of the mind, energetical and physical body.
After each play each person has some time to share the experience and then move on to the next person in the subgroup.

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