Sex Magic Ritual for Manifestation is a intentional and devotional act of deep connection with ourselves, our partner(s) and the Universe.
We use the tantric practices of visualization and sublimation to redirect sexual energy intentional towards a goal and learn how to use sexual energy to manifest that AKA tantric white sex magic.

In this ritual we guide participants to formulate their goal(s) and write it down in a meditation. Goals can be a home, a job, financial abundance, a life partner, a dream travel….anything we want to invite in our life. We will use visualisation and the power of thoughts with strong focus on the positive emotions that having this desire already achieved will bring to us.

Secondly, we will start with breathing and stimulation of our sexual energy. This can be done in self-pleasure, as a couple or in a group. From an aroused state we will redirect sexual energy through intentional breath into our chakras. Breathing orgasmically for 7 minutes into each chakra starting from the root. Eventually after 45 minutes of breath work, we mutually gather all the energy and send it into our goals and all those to the Universal Consciousness for manifestation.

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