Empowering Twerk y Perreo by Daphne Rara

Moving the pelvis for pelvic wellness and self-esteem
Twerk is a style of Urban dance , as is perreo. Twerk is more technical, characterized by isolations and micromovements; perreo is a movement born from the street in South America, looser, “dirty” , belly . These two styles are blended with Afro influences in the empowering twerk y perreo workshop.
It is a type of workout that focuses on awareness of the movement of the hips, knees, and pelvis. It is a way of dancing, sexy and fun, but it is above all a mechanism for valuing oneself, an opportunity to play with one’s sensual self and to do it for oneself first-and not for attention as is often believed.
Working the pelvis area is key to health, especially for women, as well as being a very enjoyable flexibility workout since we rest our weight there and store emotions.
It is a way of dancing that takes its cues from African and Afro-Caribbean traditions and was thought to be linked to fertility; it is now very fashionable in sexist contexts such as the mainstream reggaeton industry, but in recent years so many people are re-appropriating these rhythms to give them new meaning and revalue themselves.
A workshop to engage spirit, body and mind,
To be looser when we dance , untie our pelvis, learn to isolate movements and generally increase our self-esteem through movement and a guaranteed good sweat!

What to bring:
Sports clothes (best to avoid tight black leggings; rather shorts and fishnet socks). Volleyball knee pads or thick socks to tie over the knees
Water to hydrate


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