Reinhard Gaida

Reinhard is the founder and senior partner of Schwelle Vienna, Vienna’s first sex-positive space which he established in 2012. He is facilitating sex-positive workshops since 2012 after he finished his education as a certified coach, counselor and therapist.
Beside Schwelle Vienna he organizes sexpositive retreats, festival and polyamory online conferences to promote and enforce the concept of mutual acceptance and respectful interaction.
Most important is, that all participants are given the opportunity to develop in a safe and inclusive space and to encounter consensual new experiences in all kinds of directions.

“My goal is to create safe places and discourses for a strong open-minded community. I emphasize on providing support to everyone who wants to live ethical non-monogamous relationships with or without a sex-positive lifestyle. Moreover with our events we strongly continue the public discourse on polyamory and sex positivism”.



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