Playfight is physical contact and confrontation with one or more opponents. To let off steam in a playful way and to fight in a loving way with the other person is honest, has a liberating effect and is a lot of fun.

Playfight is self-awareness and can also bring dark features of ourselves to light. We offer space here to have fun, but feelings can also be experienced and thus resolved that have no place in the normal daily routine.

Through the playful fight with a self-chosen opponent, who can accept or reject the challenge, we come into contact with ourselves, with our positive and sometimes also with the sides rated as negative.

Win or lose: what impact does this have in the social context of the group? How do I feel when I lose in battle? How do I feel when I am defeated? How do I feel when I win?

Playfight is also an expression of sexuality. How does my behavior change if I choose someone as an opponent whom I find attractive?

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