WELCOMING LOVE by Micha Stella

After few centuries of existence and evolution, human race was able to reach incredible achievements and unthinkable goals…Technologies and Sciences developed unbelievable skills and gave us the impression to be very powerful… even super human.

 But how comes that we were not able to built a more just and equal society?

A safer environment for the children?

A non-violent civilization?

There have been many thoughts, philosophies, cultures, singles individuals and religions suggesting that LOVE is the key to reach higher levels of awareness and to built collectives based on peace, equity and mutual respect.

But are we ready to Love? And to receive Love?

Could that be, that since no one ever taught us to really love and respect our self (body and mind) that we are not completely able to receive LOVE and there for to give it?

In this workshop we will xplore and create together a path that bring us from self-love to universal love, using our empathic body and mind to connect and relate – celebrating differences and honouring oneness –


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