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Photo: Alessia Bernardini

“The orgasmic force favours no organ over any other, so that the penis possesses no more orgasmic force than the vagina, the eye, or the toe” 

Paul B. Preciado

Pleasure Rocks
explores the erotic boundary between organic and inorganic, matter and body, human and non-human, pleasure and stones.
The title goes with the sense of the work: it plays with the word “rocks” to talk about the pleasure in itself – the pleasure is awesome, it rocks – and to tell a possibility of pleasure, here the one of the stones.
Pleasure Rocks proceeds without distinction or categorization of pleasure and of the relationship between human and nature: it moves through the time of exploration and perception, of care space and (re)connection between bodies – whether made of blood or minerals.
In Pleasure Rocks the possibility of pleasure becomes the medium of the mutual relationship between organic and inorganic bodies towards an ideal post human eroticism.

The workshop is a place of contemplation, action and listening where participants are led to relate to stone not as an object but as matter that transforms and it is transformed. Movement and stillness through the stones generate new landscapes in which bodies immerse themselves.
Pleasure Rocks becomes an act of release, a meditation but also a play that explores new and different types of pleasure: a queer trans/intimacy (K. Barad).

Pleasure Rocks is part of the Pornopoetica project.

The wider artistic project Pornopoetica develops through performance, workshop, installation, video, photography and that reflects on pornography from different points of view, proposing a rewriting of it. Pornopoetica explores the oscillation of desire, its political force which breaks the rules of normality. Mobile, unstable, metamorphic and nomadic; undetermined, undefined, not categorized.

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