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MICHA STELLA is a queer artist, mother and filmmaker, who moved from Paris to Berlin, in 2008, which they considers to be their homeland. In their work they explores gender, sexuality, identity issues, love and relationships, with an ironic, erotic, feminist, queer point of view. 
Micha worked in films and theatre as performer and as filmmaker directed “Paris la Nuit” in 2009, “Vivre Berlin” in 2013 and “Berlin-Sarajevo” in 2014, together with the artist Natasha Davis.
Parallel to her artistic work, she focuses on different body practices and nutrition. Micha has a foundation as yoga teacher and Hypnotherapy. 
Since the encounter with the choreographer Felix Ruckert, in 2013, they lead workshop and performance on Gender and Conscious kink and collaborate with him in various artistic projects: they created together “The New Civilization Training“ a 10 days retreat that combine Fasting with body Practices, Personal Growth, Dance, Music, and Conscious kink, that take place since 2016, once or twice a year; in 2018 they collaborate at the “Living Room Tour“ ; they co-curated the program for the Xplore festival  Roma from 2017 until today and xplore Barcelona and Copenhagen on 2018, 2019 & 2020. 
In 2018, they co-create the School of love, a role play space at Xplore Berlin together with dancer and choreographer Anna Natt. They perform with the artist and rigger Pilar Aldea in Eurix 2017, and at the Shibari Prague festival and at the Soria Film festival in 2018. They also collaborate and teach together workshops about Consent and Instant Composition with rope.
Micha Stella is part of the IKSK team, as creative director and consultant; they teach Creative Mornings there every Friday morning, and Creative Evenings once Thursday every two and curate some events as the New Salon and Philosophical Colloquium. They also enjoy to take pictures and support with the website. Since 2020, she teaches “Exploring Freedoms“, a 5 days retreat, together with artist and dancer Valentine Schmehl.
Micha believes that Art and Sex can change the world and that Radical Empathy, Inclusiveness and Collective Creative Processes are the most inspiring and healing path to follow. 


Welcoming Love // Creating Freedoms

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