What does a vagina feed on?
On imaginaries and fantasies, practices and games, relationships, movement, awareness and knowledge.

We, as collective of Happy Vagina Festival, (this year at his 3rd edition, here in Rome) we wish to reclaim the joys of sexuality and shed light on sexual and relational health.

Eradicating from our bodies everything we have – or have not – been taught about sex, to start again and explore, without limits, all that what is the food for the vagina!

Can we share and learn tools to explore sexuality ? Can that be diverse and multifaceted?

This is what we xplore with our collective, trough workshops, meetings, performances, laboratories, readings, music…We wish to create a place to meet, to network, to plan, to talk out loud about sex in an inclusive, non-judgmental and open space.

This year we come to xplore Rome to share our path and speak about our ambitions: to build a dense and beautiful calendar of appointments, in a festival as self-financed reality, full of people rich in imagination and energy,  who believe that together we can grow,  and grow… every year.

If you are curious to know more about the festival of the vagina felice check on
FB: Festival of Happy VGN IG @festivaldellavaginafelice


And if you would like to propose activities, themed craft banquets, share ideas or ask for informations please write to:


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