“FREEDOM” is a noun. The dictionary definition is as follows: “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.”
Synonyms of freedom are: the right to, entitlement to, privilege, prerogative, due.

We all agree that freedom should be a universal human right.  And yet unfortunately, only a very small percentage of people worldwide have the privilege of being really truly free. Social, economical, political, physical and biological limitations as well as patriarchal, colonial and religious systems have throughout human history tried to control and limit people’s access to freedom.
In the last year we have all born witness to how, even in our comparatively privileged and democratic countries, the political system can transform laws and re-define how much freedom we as citizens are entitled to enjoy.
Different perceptions of the same concept of freedom, generate conflicts and separations among friends, family members and citizens alike.

In this workshop, I wish to try to get ride of all these limitations: to question and to explore the main concept of freedom and reach together a
“freedom of the body“, “freedom of the mind“ and “freedom of the soul“.

Radical plotters, moderates, the careless, pessimists, adepts of positive thinking, spiritualistic new-agers, gurus, any genders, origins and orientations, human and alien are welcome.

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