There are few things more enjoyable than purchasing an eloborately built flogger from an experienced craftsperson. Except, maybe, to do some soul-searching and craft your own!

We will provide you with a selection of materials and basic tools for the falls.
You will need to come up with a suitable handle.
Will it fit your hand like a glove? Will it be rough around the edges?
Warm to the touch – or cold? Will it represent your personality – or will it introduce some unknown element into the scenes? Will you bring the material with you or will you find it in the beautiful woods surrounding Borgo Paola?

In the first session I will provide you with some impulses and basic logistics. You will have the whole weekend to craft your masterpiece and I will be available for tips and tricks during (most of) the breaks between workshops.

In the second session you are invited to present and share.

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