Marie L’Albatrice

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Marie L’Albatrice 

Photo: O. Theloos

Tickling is a powerful unknown torture : Joyful at the beginning, it can become pain after one minute. 
And if you mix tickling with genital masturbations, what is going on? 
This is what we will explore together but it will be challenging because we use the compétition frame :
– We will explore “nature” tickling, only hands, in order to discover our tickling points
– Then we will use powerful tickling tools : oil, blindmask, toothbrush, comb ….
– With the last tour, we will add genital masturbation for those who wants to.


Marie L’Albatrice

People think that sadism and masochism are violent and impulse erotic practices. Not at all ! Listening and taking care to yourself and to the partner are the basis, of course with a clear agreement. To make a parallel with Diane Richarson’ slow sex techniques, we will make some practical exercices with slowness and precision in order to developp our sensibility and intensity. This way to proceed, minimal and demanding, will help to deal with an exquisite suffering and a generous sadism for a short trustfull moment, between taking care and letting go. Personal limits are fully respected, this workshop concern beginners as well as experimented persons.

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