“It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.”» Julia Child

The deliciousness of it all, getting lost in tastes, smells, textures.
The elusive allure of papayas and the straight-forward appeal of cucumbers.
Crushing, stuffing, sploshing, gagging, teasing, licking.
All the wicked ways to use food to control or reward.
Which vegetables are the best for flogging? How to use food in temperature play?
How sweet syrup can enhance your spanking session?
We’ve all been told not to play with food, so that’s exactly what we are going to do in this workshop.

What happens in the workshop?
We start with an introduction into food and erotic play and then continue by demonstrating different approaches, from the more disciplined ones such as food control, to the complete and utter mess of sploshing. It is a hands-on workshop where you will try out some techniques, by yourself or with other participants.

For whom is the workshop?
For everyone who is excited about combining food and erotic play. Not for people who are easily grossed out.

Allergies and diets
we will ask about everybody’s allergies at the beginning of the workshop and will avoid common allergens in demonstrations.
The workshop is vegan.

Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?
First of all, this workshop will get messy – so please bring spare clothes, something you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring a towel and wet wipes to clean yourself after the workshop. Towards the end of the workshop there is time for free play: for this, you are welcome to bring your favorite food to play with.

Is there nudity in the workshop?
Possible, but not required.

This workshop is held in English


Eva Neklyaeva will be assisted by Marius Poenar


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